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Welcome to the first of our new bi-monthly blogs.  We hope you will find them interesting and useful.  We will be covering various aspects relating to the work we carry out at Stone Hardy and also a bit about the company and the services we can offer.

Our first blog is all about Loler testing and the legal requirements covering lifting equipment, what the industry feel are good practices to prevent accidents and how to keep the equipment in a safe and serviceable condition.

Despite the legal requirements changing in 1998, there is still confusion about what are actually the operator’s (your) legal obligations.

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) state :-

It is a legal requirement that equipment must have a Statutory Thorough Examination (STE) either every six months (or annually depending on whether it is classed as passenger carrying equipment).  A tail lift that is for the purpose of carrying passengers or where the driver rides on the platform is classed as passenger carrying & therefore requires a 6 monthly examination.

The STE examination must be carried out by a competent person, some exceptions apply but these are extremely rare and should also be carried out following any major structural repair to the tail lift.

There is no pass or fail on a STE.  There are however recommendations made about the equipment which must be adhered to. It’s like owning a car and having an MOT but never bothering to service it!!

There are other recommendations to ensure your equipment is both safe and serviceable.  Take a look at our frequently asked questions section on our website  or alternatively check out the HSE up to date LOLER Regulations here

How can you help maintain your tail lift?

Preventative maintenance can also help keep your equipment from breaking down and being defected.  Things like :-

  • Avoid steam cleaning
  • Use correct chain/shutter lube
  • Make sure you operate the tail lift or shutter if the vehicle is to be left idle for any length of time.
  • Daily checks by the driver will also help to identify any issues before they become serious and costly.

At Stone Hardy, we recommend that a full service is carried out at least every six months and together with manufacturers guidelines.  We also recommend an annual weight test.

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