Operating a tail lift safely

Operating a tail lift may seem simple however there are some things you must take into consideration before operating your tail lift.

Ensure you are on a flat surface!

Firstly before using your tail lift ensure you are on a flat surface, you may damage your tail lift if operating it at an angle (i.e. parked on a curb) or on hilly terrain.

Free of obstacles

Ensure the area you are operating it in, is free of obstacles as again this can damage your tail lift and cause serious and expensive damage.

Always ensure when lowering your tail lift that no one is standing within the space required to lower it no one likes a bump on the head especially with a very heavy metal tail lift.

Once you have ensured you are on a nice flat surface and free of obstacles you are almost ready to use your tail lift….

Ensure everyone is up to speed

Ensure everyone who uses the tail lift knows how to safely operate it and is aware of the dangers that can be caused if used incorrectly.

Make sure you are legal

Having your tail lift LOLED, serviced and weight tested every 6 months will reduce the risk to anyone operating it, as any danger/damage can be located and fixed, ensuring no accidents to anyone operating a tail lift.

Consider the weight of your load

All tail lifts have a maximum weight that it can bear.  Whatever you are lifting make sure you remember to add yourself if you are standing on it too.  Do not exceed this as you could be putting yourself in danger by doing so.

And last but not least always use your common sense when operating a heavy piece of machinery no one likes a trip to A & E!