stone hardy focused on the future

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

Here at Stone Hardy we are focused on the future and delivering great quality and customer service to the highest standard.  The pandemic has not made business easy at all for any of us.  Our Service Director Mike Samuel gives us an insight into how it has been in Stone Hardy over these past few months.


We had a very reasonable trading year in 2020 given all the circumstances, with a positive end of year result.  This has given us great hope for the year to come.  I am delighted to say that 2021 has started well with sales revenue above forecast.


The fruits of all our labours are definitely paying off with our focus firmly on delivering quality and unrivalled customer service. We are now seeing the benefit of this as we enjoy an increase in work awarded to us from both our existing client base and we are delighted to welcome new customers on board


Businesses and industries are busily setting out their strategies for the year, adapting to the marketplace and are turning to the service industries to support growth in these areas.


Light Commercial and Passenger Vehicle Sector

These sectors will undoubtedly see massive growth in the coming years.  Sales of these vehicle types are up by 22% yoy in February* and the trend is set to continue, this is mainly attributable to the changes in shopping patterns which has become the “New Normal” across the Globe not just in the UK.  Fortunately for Stone Hardy this means that not only can we provide our services to this growing customer base but also to the retailers and distribution networks as they increase their commercial fleets to cope with the demand.


It is becoming clear that the scales are beginning to tip and the focus is shifting from being solely cost driven to service level driven, as customers seek the balance that will allow them to increase their market share and push their businesses forward.  Keeping vehicles on the road is vital to them.


Stone Hardy are focussed on delivering Quality and Customer Service to the highest standards.


Our people play the most important role in achieving the key areas we are focussed on and therefore making the business successful.  We are fortunate to have a vast array of skills and knowledge within Stone Hardy and each and every one of us will make a difference.


Teamwork, Collaboration and Communication

We all pull in the same direction to develop the business and be successful.  Bringing all of these great things together will help shape our future, we will still have to be creative to stay ahead of the game but I feel we are in strong position to do this.


Ref: * uk new car and van forecast 4.3.2021